Ubisoft: 'Canada is a great place to work'

The Rainbow Six Vegas PSP team on five years in the province
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Speaking to Develop as part of our ongoing three-week Canada Special, Ubisoft's Québec City has revealed why it finds its homeland such a rewarding place to work.

The studio behind games such as Surf's Up and Rainbow Six Vegas PSP has been in the Québec province almost 5 years, and as a result has had plenty of time to take advantage of a region famous for its tax credit and other industry infrastructure.

“Canada is a great place to work wherever you come from," said the studio's general manager Nicolas Rioux. "It has a high quality of life and a lot of talented people working in art and science. Video games offer the perfect combination of both fields. We have a lot of schools and universities, especially in Quebec, teaching video game programming, animation, digital arts, etc.”

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