Ubisoft Reflections to host meet-and-greet for Lionhead devs

The Division and Grow Home studio will hold event on this Thursday, March 17th
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Ubisoft has become the next firm to offer its support for Lionhead Studios following the proposed closure of the Fable developer.

Yesterday, Sony held a job fair for employees at the at-risk studio following last week’s announcement that Microsoft was preparing to shut it down.

Now, Ubisoft Reflections, one of the creators of The Division and Grow Home, has announced a meet-and-greet event planned for this Thursday, March 17th.

According to Reflections, it will speak to Lionhead staff about the job opportunities available and the reality of relocating from Lionhead’s Guildford home to Newcastle, where Reflections is based.

“We’re here to support Lionhead Studios and their array of talented staff at what is a difficult time,” said Craig Pearn, talent acquisition manager at Reflections.

“Reflections is an ambitious studio with opportunities in different areas and across a variety of titles, and we welcome new talent that is keen to work on Ubisoft’s top IPs.”

The event will take place at the White House Pub in Guildford this Thursday, March 17th, from 3pm.



Putting Reflections back into the spotlight

Once renowned as the creator of Driver, Reflections subsequently faded from prominence, handing the limelight to its sibling Ubisoft studios. With the success of Grow Home and The Division, the developer has returned to reclaim its fame