Ubisoft snaps up SunFlowers

German developer SunFlowers and its Anno strategy game franchise have been acquired by Ubisoft.
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Acquired for an undisclosed sum, Forbes reports Ubisoft has also taken a 30 per cent stake in Related Designs, which developed the most recent Anno game, Anno 1701.

The Anno series has sold over 5.2m units worldwide and was created by SunFlowers. The studio was opened in 1993 and is based in Heusenstamm, Germany. Related Designs is working on a new Anno title for Ubisoft, the publisher said in a statement.

Ubisoft already owns a number of teams in Europe, including four in France, one in Romania, one in Spain, another in Italy, and Newcastle, UK-based Reflections. It also has studios in Montreal, Quebec, the USA, China and Morocco.