Ubisoft: 'We do not constrain our games'

Publisher moves to quell concerns about Assassin's Creed resolutions following misunderstood statement earlier this week
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Ubisoft has released a fourth statement that it hopes will put to bed a week’s worth of headlines concerning the display resolution of Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

“Let’s be clear up front – Ubisoft does not constrain its games,” senior communications manager Gary Steinman said. “We would not limit a game’s resolution. And we would never do anything to intentionally diminish anything we’ve produced or developed.”

Senior producer Vincent Pontbriand, whose statement earlier this week kicked off the saga, added: “We’ve spent four years building the best game we could imagine. Why would we ever do anything to hold it back? I simply chose the wrong words when talking about the game’s resolution, and for that I’m sorry.”

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