Uncorporeal aims to create realistic humans for VR and AR

New firm uses volumetric capture technology to scan every angle of actors
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US technology firm Uncorporeal Systems has entered a partnership with RadicalMedia that will see the two provide lifelike human images for virtual and augmented reality developers.

Uncorporeal’s volumetric capture technology works in 360 degrees, scanning every angle of an actor and even taking lighting into account. The result is realistic ‘holograms’ of humans that can be placed into any virtual setting, VentureBeat reports.

The tech has been designed with virtual and augmented reality in mind, whether these are animated, computer-generated or filmed in the real-world. The firm is also hoping to reach out to other sectors with the tech, including Hollywood, sports and training.

“We are honored and excited to be working with RadicalMedia, one of the most ground-breaking, creative and cutting-edge content creators in the world today, with a long history of innovation that we look forward to extending into augmented and mixed reality,” said Uncorporeal CEO Sebastian Marino, formerly computer graphics supervisor for James Cameron’s Avatar. 

“After working with RadicalMedia, it became evident that their team is highly qualified and able to understand and integrate advanced technologies into the traditional content pipeline to deliver the next-generation of entertainment.”

The news follows a similar story from new UK firm Metapixel, which claims to have created one of the most advanced human scanning rigs ever.


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