Unity offers bail-out to Blade3D customers

Users of discontinued engine eligible for up to 50 per cent discount on Unity licences
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Unity Technologies has revealed a bail-out plan for those affected by the termination of Digini's Blade3D engine.

Blade3D operated on a subscription basis, and will only be available to existing users for another six months, after which it will become unavailable for further use.

As such, Unity is offering a discount to those teams wishing to transition to the Unity engine, by crediting subscription fees paid by Blade3D users up to 50 per cent off any Unity licence.

"We feel terrible about those people left in the cold," wrote Unity CEO Dave Helgasson in a blog post. "Unity is, of course, different from Blade3D, but we think you'll like what you find."

Those Blade3D users wishing to transition to Unity should forward their Blade3D invoices to blade3dbailout@unity3d.com before September 28th.