Unity talks iPad support

Unityâ??s Thomas Grové has strongly backed his firmâ??s iPhone engine for iPad games development
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In an exclusive article written for Develop, Unity marketing manager Thomas Grové has said that the new Unity iPhone 1.7 engine is one of the most viable platforms available for iPad app games development.

“On iPad launch day there were more than 20 Unity authored iPad games in the App Store, adding to the more than 600 Unity iPhone games already published,” he said.

“Publishers of these new apps included notable names like Disney, Warner Bros., and Chillingo. ‘Author once, deploy anywhere’ is a trend that isn't going to stop.”

“The ability to repurpose your existing games — while altering them to make the most of the target platform — just makes too much sense. Because of this, Unity is quickly becoming one of the few tools that the industry is standardising on,” he continued.

Grové went on to mention that he believed existing knowledge among developers with Unity technology would speed up the process that would lead to Unity becoming essential iPad game development tech.

“Developers are able to use their familiarity with the Unity editor to develop titles efficiently and then redeploy to new platforms as they become available. Many of the iPad launch titles fit into this paradigm,” he said.

You can read the full feature here.