Unreal Development Kit breaks past 1m installs

Epic Games hits milestone in two years
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The free edition of Unreal Engine has surpassed one million unique installs, vendor Epic Games has said.

“This isn’t a download count, nor does it count users who installed a new version of UDK over an old version, or reinstalls,” vice president Mark Rein told Develop.

“This means there are more than one million different computers onto which the UDK has been installed.”

The UDK is Epic’s own alternative to Unreal Engine 3 that is completely free to download and operate, and has proven popular among indies and enthusiasts since its release in November 2009.

Mac support for the engine was announced in September, Epic added.

“We're very excited to see what developers do with these new features utilising our toolset,” Rein added.

“Between seeing UE3 in Flash, in iOS, and on Macs, we're looking forward to a very eventful 2012, to say the least.”