Unreal Engine 3 deal for S. Korea outfit

Redduck to use the landmark engine for upcoming FPS, Metro Conflict: Presto
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The Seoul-based business arm of Epic Games has struck a deal with local developer Redduck, the company has announced.

The deal will see Redduck – developer of Alliance of Valiant Arms – license UE3 to build its upcoming FPS, Metro Conflict: Presto.

Ray Park, the territory manager of Epic Games Korea, notes that Redduck’s prior title utilised many of the unique selling points that the Unreal Engine 3 provides.

"With Alliance of Valiant Arms, Redduck proved its ability to create a world-class game," he said.

“The game’s system for in-game commerce was one of the first of its kind. We're thrilled that they're using Unreal Engine 3 again for 'Metro Conflict: Presto,' and can't wait to see what they're able to do with it this time."

Established in 2009, Epic Games Korea is a wholly-owned and operated business unit based in Seoul, Korea.