Unreal Engine 4 adds SteamVR support

Developers can take advantage of Vive headset features including motion controls and laser-based tracking solution Lighthouse
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vive vr-1.png

Unreal Engine 4 will now come with support for SteamVR following next week's first preview release of Unreal Engine 4.8.

Developers will be able to create projects for Steam’s virtual reality mode on a variety of hardware, including Oculus Rift. Creators will also be able to take advantage of all the features in Valve’s own Vive VR headset, including room-scale VR, motion controls and laser-based tracking solution Lighthouse.

Epic said that SteamVR is completely integrated into Unreal Engine 4 across Blueprint visual scripting and native code, meaning projects can be built without dependent on programmer support if needed.

“We work closely with Valve to ensure Unreal Engine 4 is highly optimised for the latest SteamVR features, with particular focus on minimised latency,” said Epic lead engineer Nick Whiting.

You can find more information on Unreal Engine for VR here.