Unreal Engine 4.5 now available

Latest point release adds ray traced shadows, dynamic shadows on mobile and GUI designer
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unreal engine 4point5.png

Epic Games has released version 4.5 of its flagship tech, Unreal Engine.

The new release adds a wide variety of features, more support for mobile platforms and consoles, and a brand new tutorial system. 

More than 40 features and improvements were contributed by UE4 partners and developers.

One of the major new features is ray traced distance field soft shadows, a new dynamic shadowing method that centres around directional light where longer shadows get softer. Meanwhile, mobile users can now use dynamic shadows in their games.

Also in the realm of rendering, screen-space subsurface scattering helps devs create realistic skin materials. And Unreal Motion Graphics, Epic's own GUI designer, is now available to use with new options giving studios greater control over every element of their interface.

A number of new templates have been added, including an advanced vehicle sample and the blueprint for a twin stick shooter game.

Finally, hundreds of targeted improvements make it easier for complex online games to pass console certification tests.

You can find out more about Unreal Engine 4.5 in Epic's preview notes.