Unreal, FMOD and Scaleform chosen for new Batman game

London-based Rocksteady turns to equally 'rock steady' tech for Arkham Asylum title
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Although the respective licensing deals for the technology haven't yet been officially announced by the vendors, it seems Batman: Arkham Asylum is to be built using Unreal Engine 3, FMOD and Scaleform GFX middleware.

The three technologies are powering the latest Batman game - Unreal Engine 3 was already known to be used, as mentioned by the game's developer Rocksteady during promotion of the game, it and the other two are officially named in the credits for a new teaser trailer for the title.

Popular audio tool FMOD has been used in a raft of titles, as has UI design tool Scaleform.

Epic Games is probably proud of the achievement, too - it's not the first time Unreal has powered Batman either; it's also the tech for Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe and is being used for new MMO DC Universe Online.