US politician Donald Rumsfeld becomes games developer

First mobile title Churchill Solitaire now available
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Former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has made an unexpected foray into the video games industry.

The politician has released a mobile version of Churchill Solitaire, Sir Winston Churchill’s extra difficult version of solitaire.

According to an FAQ on the title’s website, the game was taught to Rumsfeld by a diplomat, protégé and confidante of Churchill called Andre de Staercke after he escaped the Nazi occupation of Belgium in World War II.

In addition to featuring his beloved version of solitaire, Churchill is also featured in-game through audio, video, quotes and pictures.

Apparently development lasted 18 months. 152 rounds of beta testing were conducted, too. The title is available for iOS, with an Android version 'coming soon'. 

Story originally published on MCV.