Valve approves Gabe Newell boss for indie game

Founder of Steam firm will be added to retro-styled dungeon crawler Crawl as a knife-wielding foe
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gabe newell crawl.png

An indie developer will add a pixelated cartoon version of Valve founder Gabe Newell to its game as a boss character – and Valve is fine with it.

Australian dev Powerhoof showed off a boss based on Gabe Newell as a proposed enemy for its dungeon-crawling action game Crawl earlier this month, according to Polygon

The animated demo shows a calm version of Newell running around and punching the player character, before transforming into a more shaggy-haired, bearded form wielding two daggers.

As the animated image drew attention, the game’s artist Barny Cumming asked for Valve’s permission to add the character to the game.

Valve approved, with Powerhoof tweeting that it had received a “short, sweet email from Valve giving the go ahead for this silly thing. Turns out Valve are cool. Who knew?”

The studio has promised the knife-wielding, hero-crushing Gabe Newell will be added to Crawl via a new update “very soon”.

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