Valve Filmmaker code uncovers Source 2 engine

Script files and icons reference next-gen development platform
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Valve could be developing a new Source Engine, according to more than 60 references to the tech in various script files within Source Filmmaker.

As uncovered by Valvetime, many lines of code refer to the use of a next-gen game engine in place of the current iteration.

“If key doesn't exist, assume 'Source', otherwise invalid -- assume next-gen 'Source 2',” reads one of the statements.

A number of icons entitled “Source 2 tools” have also been spotted in Filmmaker.

A statement on Valve's official website teases the possibility of an upcoming development to its engine, which the studio has utilised since the release of Half-Life 2., just under eight years ago.

“We don't like to brag, but Source is considered the most flexible, comprehensive, and powerful game development environment out there," reads the statement.

"And it's about to get even better."