Valve to keynote Develop in Brighton

Jason Holtman to give insight into business practices
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Jason Holtman to give insight into business practices

Core games giant Valve will send its director of business development, Jason Holtman, to Brighton in July to provide the opening keynote address at the Develop Conference.

Holtman (pictured), a former lawyer who now manages the Steam digital distribution business, will offer insight into Valve’s unique corporate structure and how its so-called “no management” practices can give creative companies an advantage.

“Working in a flat, no-management structure means that everyone at Valve drives business, press-relations and marketing decisions in everything Valve does,” Holtman said,

“This keynote will describe and discuss how many of those decisions were made for various Valve products such as Portal 2 and Team Fortress 2, as well as Steam features such as Workshop, and third-party games on Steam.”

The Develop Conference runs from July 10-12th. Early bird ticket rates, which can save delegates up to £135 each, are on offer until June 13th.

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