Valve's Steam Box gets CES reveal

Tiny hand-sized modular computer being developed with hardware maker Xi3
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Valve's long-rumoured Steam Box has finally been unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show.

As reported by Polygon, the platform, codenamed the Piston, is a modular computer developed by hardware maker Xi3, and is based on their X7A line of tiny computers.

Xi3 said it had received investment from Valve to build the PC, and called it a "new development stage computer game system".

The system is designed to be used with Steam's Big Picture mode, which allows Steam and its titles to be played on a large TV screen.

Although quiet on some of the exact specifications of the hardware, Xi3 CMO David Politis claimed that the system would hold up to 1TB of internal storage as well as having room for modular component updates, such as allowing users to upgrade the PC’s CPU and RAM.

The computer will be based on Xi3’s “performance level” X7A device. Similar PCs made by the firm are priced between $499 and $999.

"Today marks the beginning of a new era for Xi3," said Xi3 CEO Jason Sullivan.

"This new development stage product will allow users to take full-advantage of their large high-definition TV displays for an amazing computer game experience.

"As a result, this new system could provide access to thousands of gaming titles through an integrated system that exceeds the capabilities of leading game consoles, but can fit in the palm of your hand."

Image credit: Polygon