Valve's VR controller spotted

Prototype of strange device features two wand-like controllers
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The Vive VR headset won’t be Valve’s only entry into the virtual reality hardware market; the firm also has VR controllers in the works.

Unlike the Vive, which is set for a consumer launch later this year, Valve’s VR controllers are still in a prototype phase – Valve insists the controllers’ current utilitarian look will become refined by the time a full launch rolls around.

The two handheld wand-like controllers are topped with sensor-studded plates, which work in tandem with two motion-tracking wall sensors.

Each controller is equipped with a trackpad, trigger, a selection of buttons and a squeeze-detecting grip.

Valve isn’t the only firm using twin wand controllers to help players navigate through VR environments – Sony’s PlayStation Move motion controllers have been revived to work alongside the company’s VR headset competitor, Morpheus.

(Lead/top image via The Verge, additional images via Gizmodo)

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