Vaz is back, and games are evil again

Labour MP tables Early Day Motion urging authorities â??to take further stepsâ? to highlight violent games
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One of the UK’s staunchest anti-games critics has seemingly fallen off the wagon with the news that Keith Vaz, the Labour MP for Leicester East, has gone to Parliament with fresh concerns about the dangers of violent games.

Vaz has table an Early Day Motion to the Commons urging the Government to take “further steps” to flag up violent content in games.

“That this House notes with grave concern that despite the 18 rating that the most violent video games carry, some children and teenagers are still able to acquire them,” he wrote.

“Congratulates the work of Mothers Against Violence with regard to their campaign to increase parental awareness of violent games; urges the Government to support the promotion of parental awareness of the violent content of video games which are 18-rated; and calls on the Government to urge Pan-European Game Information to take further steps to highlight the inappropriate content of these games for under 18s.”

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