Vicious and Ubi vets form Sentinel

Sentinel Studios, a new five-man games development team, has been opened in the US by the former bosses of Ubisoft's Sinister Games and independent Vicious Cycle.
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Based in North Carloina, Sentinel has been co-founded by Paul Potera, former leader of Sinister Games, and Marc Racine, former co-owner of Vicious Cycle Software.

Most recently, the pair produced licensed titles for Octagon Entertainment and shipped over 30 SKUs on platforms including the PS2, Nintendo DS, GBA and PC, and intend to take their knowledge in these field as they produce downloadable content for next-gen consoles and handhelds.

"The value that Marc and I bring to publishers is a deep knowledge of game production as well as strong ties with international partners," said Potera. "Producing over two-dozen titles within challenging development constraints during the past year compelled us to identify the market segment we deem most attractive. Now we will pursue it aggressively."

"Paul and I have a long history of working with licensed properties as well as original IP," Racine. "Leveraging our in-house development talent in coordination with our overseas partners will be integral to increasing profitability and mitigating risk for our strategic partners."



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