Vicious Cycle expands

Studio and tech firm grows to address next-gen development
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Game developer and Vicious Engine provider Vicious Cycle has moved into new offices in Morrisville, North Carolina.

The company, which developed Puzzle Quest for the PSP, PS2 and Wii, will use its new 20,000 square feet premises to up its headcount from 50 to 90 in order to address next-generation development requirements.

"The games of today and tomorrow require more manpower to create," said Eric Peterson, president of Vicious Cycle Software.

"Our brand new office, along with the support of D3Publisher, gives us the opportunity to cultivate a larger team of talented pros who can deliver top-notch titles."



Vicious Competition

It's a tough game engine market out there, with heavyweight engines from Epic and Emergent hogging the limelight. Working in the shadows is Vicious Cycle and, as CEO and president Eric Peterson tells us, it's not just the big boys that can develop games and engines at the same time...