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Vicious Engine education programme expands

North Carolina-based Wake Tech's students to get their hands on Vicious Cycle's engine
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Vicious Cycle has signed a deal with Wake Technology Community College for its Vicious Engine game middleware.

Students at Wake Tech's game development programme will be able to get real-world experience with the engine and its accompanying toolset, which is used by numerous professional developers.

“Because Wake Tech is ‘College for the Real World’, bringing actual game development tools to our students is a priority for our curriculum,” said Walter Rotenberry, lead instructor for Wake Tech’s simulation and game development program.

“Vicious Cycle has created an accessible and powerful game engine that professionals in the industry use, and it will be a significant learning tool for our students.”

Eric Peterson, president and CEO of Vicious Cycle Software, added: “We know from our own endeavors that hands-on experience is one of the most effective teachers out there. Thanks to the availability of middleware tools like Vicious Engine, game development teachers can begin to fully realise their programs and their students can improve their portfolios in preparation for future jobs.”



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