Vicious Engine gets educational

Indiana University uses tech to help teach game development
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Vicious Cycle has signed a deal that will see its Vicious Engine being used to teach game development at the Indiana University School for Education.

The technology will give students hands-on experience with a commercial toolset, with which they will be required to prototype, create and test serious games.

"With the flexibility that comes with Vicious Engine, students will be creating ‘serious games’ that are designed to teach various subjects of their choosing,” said Bob Appelman, associate professor of Instruction Systems Technology in the Indiana University School of Education.

“This program will be part of an on-going project on the part of the university to study how people learn through games.”

Eric Peterson, president of Vicious Cycle, added: "Vicious Engine was built from the ground up with accessibility in mind. This engine and toolset will give aspiring serious game developers a chance to create engaging educational software, as well as give students applicable experience for their future."



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