Vicious Engine returns to PSP/PS2 support

Vicious Cycleâ??s latest platform gets retrofitted
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The Vicious Engine 2 has been modified to now support Wii, PSP and even PlayStation 2 game development.

Vicious Engine 2 has hitherto been used exclusively for Xbox 360, PC and PS3 development. Its predecessor, however, had flourished on both the PSP and PS2 platforms.

Its vendor, North Carolina-based Vicious Cycle Software, said it had invested heavily in new tools and pipelines specifically for the modified Vicious Engine 2.

“We believe it is imperative that developers are able to leverage these improvements,” said Vicious Cycle CTO Wayne Harvey.

“The additional support we’ve built for Vicious Engine 2 will allow game makers to focus on making the best products possible, taking full advantage of each system’s unique abilities without worrying constantly about technical details.”

Vicious Cycle has previously partnered with SCEE to bring its previous game platform – Vicious Engine 1 - to Indian developers. The initiative aimed to stimulate PSP and PS2 work in the region.

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