VIDEO: Check out this Unreal augmented reality fight

Demo shows of Epic’s engine delivering real-time shadows and collision detection in AR
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New demo footage has emerged from Epic Games that hints at the capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 when developing games for augmented reality.

The combat demo, developed by UE4 user Ádám Horváth, shows a player character going hand-to-hand with a series of armoured thugs that spawn into the scene. Horváth states that the video is demo is seen through a Samsung S4 Mini, according to GamesBeat.

Features of Unreal Engine that can be seen in the video not only include detailed character models but also real-time shadows projected onto the environment around them.

There also seems to be some level of collision detection, as one thug is hurled against a Nescafe mug and slumps to the floor.

You can watch the demo below, or download the project yourself here. More AR demos can be found via Unreal’s website.