VIDEO: Crytek's GDC 2015 tech showcase

Engine firm highlights key features of its powerful game-making technology
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Crytek has released a new trailer that demonstrates some of the latest effects and tools developers can use in their games.

The video, which you can see below, runs through CryEngine’s headline features, such as physically-based rendering, 3D HDR lens flares, image based lighting and real-time reflections.

The footage has been put together from a variety of titles and tech demos developed by Crytek themselves, CryEngine licensees and studios that have subscribed to the engine.

Crytek announced at last year’s GDC that its engine would be made available for $10 per month to all studios.

If you’re at GDC, you can see the engine at work for yourself at Crytek’s booth – No.1424 – in the GDC expo.

Check out the video below.

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