Video: Curranâ??s stirring Game Jam speech

Zoe Mode creative director delivers battle cry
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This year’s Global Game Jam once again gave developers an intimidating challenge – to build a working game in the space of 48 hours.

Yet on Friday, with developers all over the world anxiously and excitedly awaiting their design brief, an inspiring keynote from Zoe Mode creative director Ste Curran was sent out to fire up the teams.

That video can be found below.

Curran, once a prolific writer for Edge magazine, delivered a strikingly personal account, detailing his painfully long and cheerless daily commute from his London home to Zoe Mode’s Brighton office.

Curran’s endless trudge between train stations is worth it, he says, simply because of what’s at the end of the tunnel; working inside and being surrounded by an exhilarating and largely uncharted industry.

Delicate, romantic and daring, Curran’s speech brings to the surface the kind of burning passion for games that is at the heart of the industry. Crucially, he does so without appearing twee and insincere.

For more check out the Global Game Jam’s excellent Flickr feed.