VIDEO: 'First ever' narrative design tool released

Story mapper 'can help game writers organise arcs and flow'
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A unique narrative editor is said can help game writers avoid plot holes, eliminate dead ends and smooth over logical flaws.

The new story design tool, called Articy Draft, allows users to compose a narrative map by joining plot fragments together.

The editor, showcased in the video below, can help users craft the rough structure of a story and at a later stage branch out multiple plot lines.

Nevigo, the company behind the tool, has yet to disclose licensing prices.

Articy Draft also allows users to view a project’s entire narrative map as a whole and, if zoomed, in detail.

“It is the first professional design tool for game writers, narrative designers and transmedia writers, tailored to the specific demands of interactive storytelling,” a Nevigo spokesperson said.

“Our goal is to really help game writers design complex branching stories and dialogs and at the same time keep track over dramaturgy and player experience.”

More information can be found at the Articy Draft website


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