VIDEO: Football on the Moon, via NaturalMotion

Animation specialists abuse physics in tech demo
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Animation specialists abuse physics in tech demo

NaturalMotion has published a new video that shows how its animation tech can, at a flick of a switch, simulate American Football in space.

You can watch the video below, (though not on iOS devices).

The footage is intended to demonstrate the scale of possibilities developers have if implementing in-game physics, ideally without putting extra strain on programmers and animators.

NaturalMotion, based in Oxford, UK and San Francisco, is best known for its popular Develop Award-winning animation technology - Morpheme and bespoke solution Euphoria.

It also developed its own title last year, Backbreaker, and went on to open its own publishing division.

Elsewhere in the video, the company’s CEO advised that “the best way to get into games programming is to have a strong background in physics and maths.

THE PHYSICS OF VIDEO GAMES from Dave Thomas on Vimeo.