VIDEO: IllumiRoom projects games into living room

Microsoft's proof-of-concept tech projects TV image to surrounding area
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Microsoft Research has unveiled a demo of dazzling new technology that turns the living room into part of the gaming landscape.

The proof-of concept tech called IllumiRoom, shown of at CES, projects images beyond the constraints of the TV and around the room, with the aim to create a more immersive gaming experience.

The video shows FPS and racing games, with the area of vision not seen on the TV projected onto the rest of the room, changing as your look around and move. As well as showing buildings beyond the TV, at one point in the video the tech also gives the impression of snow fall.

In a video description, Microsoft claimed that all the effects in the video were rendered in real-time and captured live - with no special effects added in post-processing.

You can view the video below.

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