VIDEO: Rovio teases first post-Angry Birds game

Vesterbacka substantiates speculation on twitter by mentioning new title
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Rovio has teased the studio’s first post-Angry Birds title in a video thanking users for one billion downloads of its flagship franchise.

The Finnish studio’s CEO Peter Vesterbacka appears to have substantiated the speculation on his twitter account by retweeting a story related to the mater.

The game in question refers to an image in the background of a balloon attached to a mechanism, ready to be cut by a pair of scissors.

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The image could suggest the next game will be related to a complicated chain reaction system, such as seen in the famous Honda Cog advert, otherwise known as the ‘Heath Robinson mechanism’.

As well as offering a thank you to customers who have downloaded Angry Birds, the video also states that there will be “more amazing things coming soon”.