VIDEO: Run With Robots' new social game tech

Roar Engine offers easy solutions for numerous net issues, firm says
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San Francisco-based tools firm Run With Robots has launched the Roar Engine – said to be a social game platform that offers easy solutions for complex 'backend' technical issues.

The Roar Engine features a Web-API toolset designed specifically as a one-stop backend solution for cross-platform social game developers.

The package is said can help studios build, manage, grow, and monetise online casual games, social games and websites.

“Roar Engine gives developers a serious advantage when creating online games, enabling them to compete using the best technology right from the outset, rather than having to build complex server systems from scratch,” said Run With Robots CEO Clint Walker.

“This means more time spent making games fun and engaging, which translates into better games and improved revenue opportunities for developers.

An introduction video of the tech can be found below