VIDEO: The Wii U graphics demo

E3 2011: Nintendo flaunts the next-gen power of its new console
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Yesterday at E3, Nintendo took centre stage to demonstrate the next gen credentials of its new console Wii U.

Its trailer, shown below, is likely a demonstration of what Nintendo is aiming for in terms of graphical fidelity, but not necessarily a showpiece of realtime footage.

The video boasts water reflection, bloom and an ambitious lighting engine – all theoretical at this stage.

Nintendo unveiled its ambitious new games console, Wii U, at the firm’s E3 2011 press conference.

At the centre of the new console is a built-in 6.2” touch-screen.

The controller can play content from the console without the TV switched on, or indeed with both screens being inventively used at the same time.

Data is wirelessly transmitted between TV and controller “without latency issues”, Nintendo said.

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