VIDEO: Unity game 'strips mechanics back to core'

Developer Mike Bithell says 2D platformer offers minimalist approach mixed with combination and complication
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The lead designer at Bossa studios has announced an independently developed title created with the Unity engine which aims to “strip games mechanics back to their core”.

The developer, Mike Bithell, said the goal in Thomas Was Alone, where users must switch between characters with different abilities to progress, was to create a minimalist game true to the genre.

“The game is an attempt to strip game mechanics back to their core,” said Bithell.

“The goal was to make a minimalist game, which explored the base platforming mechanics underlying 2D games while expanding them through combination and complication.

“I also hope to use graphic design, typography and an awesome score by my collaborator David Housden to create a really emotive environment”

The game is based on a previous prototype Bithell made, and he added that after receiving positive feedback, he decided to continue its development.

“The game is based on a prototype I made last year, which did surprisingly well and got some really positive coverage,” said Bithell.

“I wanted to develop it further, and decided to switch over to Unity, which has been incredible.”

Thomas Was Alone is due for release on Mac and PC in April, and the game’s newly released trailer can be viewed below.


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