VIDEO: Watch Unity 5 in action

Blacksmith tech demo shows off improved visual capabilities of new engine
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unity 5 blacksmith.jpg

Unity Technologies has released a new tech demo video of its hotly anticipated Unity 5 game engine.

Released yesterday in two editions – Professional and Personal – the new technology targets both larger developers and hobbyists who are just starting out in games development.

The improvements made to Unity 5 have a significant emphasis on high-end graphics, as you’ll see in the Blacksmith demo video below.

The demo was first shown at Unity’s GDC press briefing last night, where CTO and co-founder Joachim Ante not only introduced the video but also showed how it could be quickly deconstructed and remade.

“This [kind of of graphics performance] is something you can create, something you can ship games with when you’re targeting PC,” he said.

Check out the video below.

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