Videos: The PlayStation story

Sony debuts series of retrospective videos in build up to Wednesday's expected PS4 event
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Sony has posted a series of new videos summarising the history of its hardware platforms on the website teasing what many expect to be this weeks PlayStation 4 launch event.

The 'PlayStation Meeting' website initially appeared offering a date – February 20th –and little other information. It quickly emerged the date referred to a New York press event, taking place this Wednesday, that is expected to see details of the PlayStation 4 officially announced.

Sony continues to refuse comment on the event's details, but with Develop in attendance in New York, you can find up to date news tailored for games developers and live from the event here on Develop.

For now, Sony is whetting appetites with a series of videos covering the history of each of the PlayStation console platforms. Saturday saw a PSOne video appear on the PlayStation Meeting site, followed on Sunday by a PS2 summery. And today a history of the PS3 has been made public on the website.

All three videos are presented here, below the jump, for those of you looking to refresh you memory of the PlayStation story before Wednesday's event.

PlayStation 1

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 3