Warner Bros Montreal working on new IP

Report suggests Batman: Arkham Origins studio handling an Unreal-powered open-world game
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The studio behind Batman spin-off Arkham Origins looks to be working on a brand new franchise.

WB Montreal has posted job vacancies for a variety of positions (thanks, Gamespot), providing potential peeks at the outlet's upcoming project.

By the looks of it, the "new IP" will be an "open-world action game" for PS4 and Xbox One ("next-generation platforms"), although a presence on PC as well should certainly be kept on the cards.

There's also a look underneath the hood of the unannounced title, as the technical director position specifically highlights familiarity with Epic's Unreal Engine as a requirement.

WB Montreal was bolstered two years ago by $1.5 million of government cash, providing the opportunity for the Arkham Origins, Arkham City Armoured Edition (for Wii U) and LEGO Legends of Chima Online creator to grow.

And growing it is certainly doing, with 15 new positions currently listed on the site, from animators, QA leads and level designers to art directors, gameplay programmers and artists.

Story originally published on MCV.