Warner Montreal to develop DC Comic games

New studio charged with transporting iconic characters to consoles
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Could Superman finally get a console game worthy of the licence?

It's possible according to new reports about Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment's new Montreal studio.

While the studio isn't even open yet, details on what the new outfit will work on are already emerging.

WBIE boss Martin Tremblay has confirmed that the studio will develop new games based on Warner Bros' DC Comics.

Warner owns the iconic comic publisher, which is part of its DC Entertainment unit - a new part of the business designed to grow the commercial potential of a stable of characters that include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and many others.

According to Game Focus, the Warner Montreal outfit will work with DC Entertainment, focusing at first on games based on its key characters.

WBIE has seen how well high-quality games based on its characters can perform when handled right. Batman: Arkham Asylum, from London developer Rocksteady Games, debuted last year to critical acclaim. The title won a BAFTA for 2009's Best Game last week. Warner bought a majority stake in the studio earlier this month.