Watch the future of game graphics in Square Enix's real-time DirectX 12 tech demo

API can render 'six to 12 times more polygons' than what could be achieved on DX11
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Square Enix has shown off a stunning new real-time tech demo harnessing DirectX 12.

The ‘Witch Chapter’ video displays more than 63 million polygons per scene, which was said to be around six to 12 times more than what could be achieved on DX11.

During the demo at the Build 2015 conference, Microsoft corporate VP Steven Guggenheimer was able to manually take control of the scene and pan the camera around, showing off the real-time lighting effects that could also be adjusted. During the demo, it was also noted that each strand of hair of the life-like protagonist was being rendered as a polygon, rather than using surface-mapping.

The results of the research into creating the demo will be incorporated in Square Enix’s own Luminous game engine and future game development, including Final Fantasy XV.

You can view the tech demo in the video below.