Waterfront Games wins The Develop Quiz

London-based interactive TV games team triumph at Bethesda-sponsored event
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Interactive TV game developer Waterfront Games was the victor at last night's Develop Quiz.

The Covent Garden-based team didn't have to travel far from their office to beat the other 17 teams which flocked to Holborn's Sway Bar for the developer networking event.

Waterfront took home the Develop Quiz trophy, bottles of champagne and a £2,000 advertising credit with Develop - the prizes were presented by event sponsor Bethesda.

Brink developer Splash Damage came second, winning champagne and a lunch with the Develop team.

Marjacq Man came third, also taking home bottles of champagne.

15 other teams in total competed, hailing from Big Head Games, Lightning Fish Games, Dolby, Perforce, Modis, Just Add Water, OPM Response, Zoe Mode London, Jagex, Peppermint P, Airplay, and amBX.