WB Montreal scores Epic Games lead designer

Eric Holmes leaves the Gears group after 'golden opportunity'
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One of Epic Games’ most high profile game designers, Eric Holmes, has left the company to join Warner Bros' Montreal studio.

Eric Holmes (pictured) said WB Games had “reached out to me with a golden opportunity”.

The popular designer will begin his contract at WB Montreal in November.

Holmes said he was departing from Epic’s North Carolina studio with mixed emotions.

“Sad to leave my Epic brethren and simultaneously beyond excited for the future. Can't wait to share what we're up to.”

In a message on his personal Twitter account, Holmes wrote: “I have to promise everyone - Epic, WB, you, my girl, myself - that the game we'll make will be more than worth it :) Wish I could say more!”

Holmes joined Epic in July 2009, following almost eight years at Radical Entertainment where he led projects such as Prototype and The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction.