We're too busy to think about acquisition, says Valve

Lombardi reiterates 'rumour' status of Google buyout gossip as studio works to finish Left4Dead
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Valve's Doug Lombardi has reiterated that rumours Google will buy the American independent studio are just that - and all the company is focused on right now is finishing Left 4 Dead and making its digital delivery platform the best on the market.

Responding to Develop's request for comment after The Inquirer this morning said Google would swoop for the studio "any second now", the studio's VP of marketing told us: "Rumor. We are completely consumed with finishing Left 4 Dead and supporting the new titles coming to Steam during this year’s incredible season of new releases (Crysis Warhead, FarCry 2, Brothers in Arms: HH, and more)."

In previous interviews, Lombardi had said the door was open to acquisition, but Valve chief Gabe Newell had also indicated that any such discussions weren't occuring - at least a month ago, anyway.

It was Steam itself which The Inquirer fingered as the key motivation in any acquisition of Valve, also responsible for the popular Half-Life, Counter-Strike and Portal series of games and is launching new zombie game IP Left 4 Dead later this year.

"Valve has the best content distribution platform out there, bar none. Steam may have had rough patches here and there, but they are almost all ironed out now, and just about everyone that matters has signed up to use it," the site claimed. "When Google picks them up, it will be a clean kill, no one else will matter. It is a good buy for them, a good thing for Valve, and in general, good for everyone except [Microsoft]."

Google however also dismissed the notion, branding the claims as "rumour or speculation" in discussion with our sister site MCV.



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