'We're using the world as a platform' - Wright

Industry veteran and Sims creator taking augmented reality cue
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Industry veteran and Sims creator taking augmented reality cue
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Revered industry veteran Will Wright has outlined an unconventional approach for his next batch of projects.

Speaking at the final stages of last week’s Game Developers Conference, Wright took the podium to outline the future of his studio, StupidFunClub.

"I'm really interested right now in games that get people more engaged in the world around them rather than distract them from it,” he said, as quoted by Eurogamer.

“Using the world as a human platform rather than an Xbox. Kind of alternate reality stuff,” he added.

Wright said his studio was not particularly focused on creating “shrink-wrapped, AAA, Xbox-only” games.

“It's stuff that's a little more diffuse, mobile, web.”

StupidFunClub was last year known to be working on a user-generated TV concept, as well as a set of toys.


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