West African Gaming Expo returns for 2016 event in November

WAGE 16 looks to enable developers to compete on world stage
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The West African Gaming Expo is returning for 2016, aiming to bring together some of the most innovative professionals in the interactive arts.

WAGE 16 will be hosted at Queens Park Event center Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria on 9th November 2016. It is the only technology conference and exhibition in West Africa that focusses exclusive on video and mobile games, and the products relating to them, and WAGE say that leading-edge companies, groundbreaking new technologies and "never-before-seen products" will be showcased.

"The WAGE 16 conference aims to educate attendees on steps they need to take to be successful in the global gaming industry," says an emailed press release "as well as the tools and resources available to developers working in the region and create a networking atmosphere where potential game developers can learn and meet the experts."

WAGE 16 is looking to create the lowest possible barrier for those in West Africa to fire themselves into the global world of game development, distribution and publishing. More information on the schedule, and how to get Unity certified at WAGE 16 can be found on their website: http://www.africgames.com/

Exhibitors include Unity, Bournemouth University, Genni Games and Vortex. Participants looking to exhibit or present at the event are encouraged to contact Info@westafricangamingexpo.com, and more information on the event can be found at www.wage16.com