Whale Trail dives into book deal

Penguin to launch first 'Willow the Whale' e-book title in October
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Ustwo, the makers of hit app Whale Trail, have signed a publishing deal with Penguin division Pearson.

Penguin plans to launch an e-book starring the game's main character, Willow the Whale, in October, with traditional books to follow in 2013.

This is the first time a brand that started as an app has secured a publishing deal, the two companies told Tech Crunch.

Announced at the Bologna Book Fair in Italy, the deal highlights a growing trend of traditional book publishers trying to extend into the digital space, and this deal may mean more than new IP for Penguin.

"We could do something with them app-wise if we chose," said Ustwo's Matt Mills.

"Whale Trail was all about creating something that brings joy to users throughout the world," says Mills.

"Penguin genuinely and passionately shares our enthusiasm for developing the brand further, and the coming together of the traditional publishing powerhouse and our first game IP, is a match made in heaven."