Which classic games console was released in Europe and Australia twenty years ago?

Think you know the answer? How about putting that to the test at the Develop Quiz 2017?
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Think you know the answer? How about putting that to the test at the Develop Quiz 2017?
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It was the console that brough us the classic first person shooter, GoldenEye 007,in the same year. That's right, it's Nintendo's cartridge champion, the Nintendo 64, the console that gave us what is still regarded by Metacritic as the best game of all time – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Did you know that? Excellent. Now's your chance to show how much more you know.

The Develop Quiz 2017, sponsored by Testronic, takes place on July 11th at the Komedia in Brighton, during the Develop:Brighton conference and you can book your table now!

As well as the quiz, featuring rounds like 'The year in games', 'UK games industry history', 'Name that tune!' and 'Who said that?', you'll also get beer and wine as part of the price for the duration of the quiz!

Find out more by visiting our website and HURRY! Tables will go fast



The cost to take part is £249 + VAT per team of 5 people. This cost includes the quiz itself plus beer and wine for the duration of the event (2 hours). 

There are a limited number of team slots available so make sure you secure early to avoid missing out! 

Please make sure all team bookings are made by: Wednesday 5th July 2017.


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