Which mobile games really have the biggest spenders?

Report reveals Game of War dominates market with double the ARPPU of nearest rival
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Research firm Slice Intelligence has revealed the average amount mobile players spend on in-app purchases in the most popular titles over a year, with Machine Zone’s flagship title raking in the most.

The average revenue per paying user for Game of War: Fire Age is $549.69. That’s more than $270 ahead of the second highest ARPPU: Com2Us’ Summoners War, which rakes in an average of $272.41 per year from its spending players. The third highest earning game is Big Fish’s Casion Free Slots at $232.67.

Some of the leading names are lower in the list than you might expect. King’s highest ARPPU is Candy Crush Soda Saga at $66.24, followed by the original Candy Crush at $61.49. 

Supercell, meanwhile, fares well with Boom Beach’s ARPPU at $117.91 and Clash of Clans at $112.99. However, the very similar Castle Clash by IGG.com is outperforming both with an average spend of $202.26.

You can check out the full rankings in the infographic below:

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Slice Intelligence reports that the average paying player on mobile spends $86.50. That’s actually behind the ARPPU for consoles, which stands at $91.58, according to VentureBeat.