Why Blitz changed its mind about middleware

Develop takes a look at the UK indy's change in stance on tool sharing
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In today's tech feature Develop talks to the team at Blitz about the decision to license its BlitzTech tools to developers around the world.

Blitz has always been devoted to internal tech, and spent over a decade developing its own engine, but now the company is to begin to share its tools.

Speaking to Develop about the engine Blitz’s technical director, Richard Hackett said: “It’s truly multi-platform – you can have all of your versions ship on the same day if you wanted to. It’s also relatively easy to switch platform during development, which is something that used to be quite a struggle.

“All of the different platforms are all edited within the same levels. We have a system that allows you to set up different graphics pipeline for each platform – designers don’t see that pipeline but artists can go in and tweak the assets for each different release. You’ve effectively got the same game running on different consoles.”

Blitz has in fact already been working with a select number of studios over the past 18 months, including House of the Dead: Overkill creator Headstrong.

Click here to read the full feature, where you can learn more about what BlitzTech offers, and Blitz's decision to license the engine.



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