Wii 2 rumour: Nintendo snaps up Rockstar work

Development kit has been delivered to the Wii-friendly developer, report claims
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Rockstar Games is the latest firm to commit to developing on the unconfirmed Wii 2 console, according to rumours.

The speculation comes again from French tech website 01.net – a publication that is betting its long-term credibility on a series of explosive claims regarding the console.

The website is now claiming Rockstar has among its studios a Wii 2 game development kit.

Last week the site claimed that the Wii 2 console is internally codenamed ‘Project Cafe'.

Numerous other game publications have claimed that the Wii 2 exists as a Nintendo project, with several citing inside sources. 01.net appears to be the only publication with a source that has revealed the console’s codename.

The validity of the rumours is unknown. 01.net’s editor – William Audureau – has insisted to Develop that its articles are accurate, alleging too that it had revealed accurate data on NGP before Sony’s official announcement.

Cross-examining data from the French-written website has proven to be difficult.

If the new rumour regarding Rockstar’s commitment to Wii 2 is accurate, it would continue the Take-Two group’s commitment to the Nintendo chain of home consoles.

Bully, Rockstar Table Tennis and Manhunt 2 were three Wii developed titles from the Rockstar network.

Develop is investigating the issue.