Wii Ware courts huge developer interest

Over 100 proposals already received, says Nintendo president Iwata
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Nintendo president Saturo Iwata claims that the company has had over 100 software proposals for games on its upcoming Wii Ware games download service.

Wii Ware will differ from the existing Virtual Console offering in that its content will be original, and developed specifically for the Wii hardware. It is designed to allow both established and independent developers an outlet to the Wii market.

IGN quotes Iwata as stating: “We've already received proposals for over 100 titles from software development companies. We've made a platform for developing software at low cost, and would like to offer a new business chance based around a battle of ideas.”

The current line-up of games in development includes Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Little King and the Promised Country (Square Enix), StarSoldierR (Hudson), Word Puzzle Mojipittan (Bandai Namco), Pokemon Farm, Dr. Mario, Puzzleloop with Everyone and Maruboushikaku (all Nintendo).